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CAS is served as China’s first professional modified car show with the industrial scale and B-B-C mode.


The purpose is to better guide the consumers have a clearer understanding of the auto featuring consumption and to establish a complete concept for auto modified consumption in auto performance promotion, appearance improvement, fuel-saving and environmental protection, thus making our auto life much safer, fashionable, greener and more environmental-friendly.

It also aims to create a truly diversified commerce trading platform of modified parts among enterprises, businesses and consumers home and abroad.

CAS Concept and Objective

“China (Shanghai) International Automobile Upgrading and Ancillary Product Exhibition”, referred to CAS, namely China Auto Salon, comes into being with the development needs of Chinese modified auto industry. Following the concept of professionalism, innovation, branding and internationalism, it spares no effort to build the world’s three largest modified auto exhibition: the SEMA in USA, the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan and the Essen Motor Show in Germany. All of three represent a world-class Chinese modified auto show. The first CAS exhibition was held from October 5 to 7 at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center in 2011, covering an area of 30,000 square meters and spreading the activity area of 20,000 square meters. It was expected to invite 2 to 4 million professionals and private car owners who were in pursuit of individual consumption to visit. CAS also held several major special events to interact with consumers and some special promotion activities for modified cars and a top yearly forum for auto modified industry.

Highlights of CAS

High-level Forum:

The CAS theme of “safety, fashion, green, environment-friendliness” reflects the development requirements of automobile industry in China, which is in line with the international trend of auto modification. Under this theme, China’s first auto modified industry forum is held to invite the experts in auto industry, scholars, industrial representatives, businesses and car lovers home and abroad together to make interactive and directive discussion on the development trend of auto modification industry so as to build a “Boao Forum” in the modification field.

International group exhibition:

CAS has gathered three major industrial associations and strong bodies in the modification field for Chinese auto markets, and it has joined some related industrial associations and well-known operating agencies in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, etc to arrange international modified brand businesses to go on exhibitions and invite almost thousands of car modified businesses, institutions and tens of thousands of car enthusiasts home and abroad to visit it.


CAS has made a breakthrough from the single model of B-B or B-C on traditional exhibitions. Combined with the characteristics of modification industry, it has pioneered to make use of the B-B-C model to display the production, distribution and terminal consumption, thus making a three-dimensional and healthy development of the industry in a deep way.

Fashion Interaction:

CAS has fully tapped into the essence of modification industry and tried to focus on some interactive activities such as the “charming car show” of T-fashion show; the “overland flight show” of famous drift drivers; the “Driving Festival” “Car Audio Carnival Night” “CAS modified car models show” and “popular modified car selection and audience awards” so as to guide the sports and healthy fashion for the auto development.

Three-dimensional propaganda:

The CAS propaganda system has started up multi-level channels of professional and mass media; It also employed some media ways like radio, Internet, television, magazines and professional direct investment, newspapers, conferences, subway and building media, etc to build a three-dimensional international promotional platform in the text version of Chinese, English and Japanese.

CAS is located in Shanghai International Automobile City of Automobile Exhibition Center. Shanghai International Automobile City is a comprehensive auto industrial base which takes the auto industry as the core and integrates the manufacturing, research & development, trade, exhibition, sports and tourism, etc, as well as a modernized industrial and researching town.